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Michael Noonan MS, PT

Owner Marquette University: 1980 Favorites: Manual orthopedic physical therapy, Sports I believe in physical therapy because it is the first line of defense. Before heavy drugs or even surgery is used, physical therapy can be and is an effective tool for healing while avoiding more aggressive interventions. Many times medications can be eliminated and surgery avoided with physical therapy! After being a physical therapist for over 35 years, I can say I still love my job because, to me, it is not a job. It is helping people in ways they would not be able to help themselves. It is very gratifying to be a part of relieving someone’s pain and returning them back to a “normal” life. There is no one experience that led me to become a PT. My great uncle was a surgeon, my grandmother a nurse, and my mother an occupational therapist. Helping people has been something I grew up with. My youngest sister also had Down Syndrome and the love she expressed helped to contribute to making me a compassionate and caring individual.